The Galleron Family - Their Story in the Napa Valley



Angele & Virgile Galleron in 1913


Galleron is the name of a respected winegrowing family in Rutherford, California who has been an integral part of the Napa Valley wine community since 1918. "Galleron Road", named for the Galleron family has historically been a marker for the Galleron homestead as well as a tribute to the Galleron family who is intimately linked with the history of the Napa Valley.

French immigrants, Virgile and Angele Galleron, settled in the heart of what is now the Rutherford grape growing appellation in 1918. They purchased 402 acres of land from a well-to-do San Francisco couple, Frederick and Mary Houston for $85 an acre. The Galleron's were originally sheep herders from the Haute Alpes region of France and continued their profession in the New World by herding sheep on their new property as well as harvesting their orchards of walnuts, prunes, peaches and grapes.